CTE Building Trades-White Pigeon High School

Job Posting: White Pigeon High School Building Trades Instructor

Minimum Qualifications:
Must meet minimum teacher qualifications to teach state-approved CTE Construction program:
a. Hold a CTE certification with the proper endorsements to teach Construction, i.e., , Interim Occupational Certification (IOC), Occupational Education Certification (OEC), or Full Occupational Authorization.
b. Must have Michigan Provisional/Professional/Continuing Teaching Certificate with the appropriate Endorsement/CIPs.
Must hold Michigan Contractors License (or ability to obtain license prior to start of assignment).
Ability and willingness to work collaboratively with parents, WPHS teachers and administrators, key stakeholders, and CTE staff.
Willingness to learn and understand current educational strategies, curriculum, and assessments.
Ability to incorporate technology onsite and in the classroom and to use web-based student data reporting systems.

Job Description:
Provide instruction to high school age students, independently and in groups, in designated curricular areas of the Construction field to include, but not limited to: Blue-Print Reading, Foundations, Framing, Cement/Block/Masonry, Roofing, Siding, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and Flooring while building an onsite houses and other hands-on projects.
Provide students with a safe learning environment.
Follow Michigan Office of Career & Technical Education (OCTE) and SJC-CTE Consortium policies, procedures, and reporting requirements.
Maintain student records, student achievement and attendance according to identified system(s).
Maintain confidentiality.
Use a variety of teaching methods and written instructional plans to operate an organized program.
Assist students in meeting objectives and in utilizing educational equipment, materials, and resources.
Update instruction, program objectives, curriculum and instructional materials to meet OCTE standards.
Update and complete the CIP Self-review each year in www.ctenavigator.org.
Maintain an advisory committee with at least two meetings per year.
Maintain a relationship with area post-secondary institutions to enhance career pathways for students.
Recommend software, equipment and material purchases and maintain inventory of equipment.
Other duties as assigned by the High School Principal or CTE Consortium Director.

Application Deadline: August 4, 2017

Submit letter of application, resume and references to:
 Email: jkeyer@wpcschools.org
 Subject Line: Building Trades Instructor Position
 White Pigeon High School
 10 Prairie Ave.
 White Pigeon, MI 49099